Energy Reduction Specialists is more than an energy company, we are building science experts with the experience, education, and passion to back it up. We tackle a variety of issues a home can have from excessive energy use to discomfort to bad indoor air quality and moisture issues. Through our skilled crew and attentive supervision, we have made hundreds of homes in Greensboro and surrounding areas from Winston-Salem to Durham more energy efficient, comfortable, and safe.

Gary Silverstein, our founder and president, has been in the construction industry for nearly 40 years and has always had a passion for green building and sustainable building practices. Gary has been recognized as one of the top green builders in the Triad through Silverstein Construction Corp. with awards including Greensboro Builder’s Association 2001 Builder of the Year and the 2002 Kavanagh Cup which recognizes efforts in strengthening affordable housing in Guilford County. Gary also built the first Green Certified Subdivision in NC Sanford’s Creek. It was this passion and knowledge of green building that led Gary to found Energy Reduction Specialists in 2008.

In the past 10 years ERS has grown and continues to grow and learn as the building science industry is constantly changing and developing. We strive to stay at the top of our field with the latest strategies and techniques to improve comfort, indoor air quality, energy use, and durability of a home. Our team works hard to ensure that each home is carefully assessed during our energy audits to address all problems that the homeowner has, known or unknown. We are not about installing expensive new windows or replacing costly heating and cooling equipment. Our goal is to provide the least expensive, most cost effective way of addressing the issues, a onetime investment for a lifetime of savings.

Our satisfaction comes when we leave a house knowing that we have truly made it into a home. No one should be unhappy with their home or any aspect of it. Energy Reduction Specialists is here to identify the issues, define the solutions, and improve home satisfaction.


ERS of NC takes great care in their work.  Their passion for helping people save energy is evident in the quality work they do.  Their air sealing work was complete and resulted in huge energy savings that quickly paid itself back in smaller utility bills.

Tim D., Stokesdale