Crawlspaces are often seen as dank, dark, gross, spider-ridden spaces that many homeowners avoid at all cost. And a lot of the times this is not far from the truth! Luckily our home specialists are not afraid to enter the unknown and investigate your crawlspace needs.

A Dry Crawlspace Is a Healthy Crawlspace

The quality of air your family breathes inside your home is significantly impacted by the quality of air present in your crawlspace. Oftentimes the air quality in the crawlspace is sub-par do to high moisture levels which leads to mold growth. There are several ways moisture can enter the crawlspace, and our crawlspace examination focuses on all potential sources of moisture intrusion including:

  • bulk rainwater from grading issues and low functioning gutters and downspouts,

  • penetrations in the foundation walls,

  • lack of or incomplete vapor barrier on crawlspace floor,

  • condensation occurring on ductwork and other surfaces, 

  • and plumbing leaks.

Once the source (or sources) of moisture is identified, it is important to remediate the problem as quickly as possible. The longer moisture is present, the more likely mold will grow in your crawlspace. In addition to moisture improvements, we also assess the crawlspace for any insulation and air sealing needs, which impact energy efficiency and comfort. 

Sealed Crawlspaces - A Permanent Solution

Sealed Crawslpace

This is a completed sealed crawlspace from a recent job we worked.

The best method for a healthy crawlspace with no moisture or mold problems is a sealed or encapsulated crawlspace. A sealed crawlspace is exactly what it sounds like, sealed! It is sealed from moisture entering through the ground and foundation walls, due to complete vapor barrier coverage and insulation along the foundation wall. All air leaks are sealed as well, and some form of humidity control is installed either with a dehumidifier or conditioned air. This creates a clean space that is free from moisture and pests and improves the efficiency and health of your home. Installing a sealed crawlspace is especially beneficial for crawlspaces with ductwork present, as it eliminates condensation potential on the ductwork and reduces heat loss through the ductwork.

While crawlspace encapsulation is often the best way to ensure a healthy crawlspace, our experienced staff can generate a strategy to best meet your family’s specific needs and budget, securing a healthier, safer home for you and your family.

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We recently employed Energy Reduction Specialist of North Carolina to assist us in upgrading and weatherizing a secondary home for energy conservation.  This involved many modifications due to the home being 63 years old. The home needed to have a central heating and air unit installed in addition to many other upgrades and modifications. I previously just had a bad experience with another construction co. and had many reservations about starting another construction project.  I was pleasantly surprised.

Faye M., Greensboro