Home performance is a science-based approach to assessing your home as a whole and making strategic upgrades that improve building comfort, efficiency and health. Improving your home’s performance offers both short- and long-term benefits. An efficient home is more comfortable—warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. According to ENERGY STAR, improving your home’s performance also provides an almost immediate return with as much as 20% energy savings. Over time, that 20% can add up to big money savings. Energy conservation also benefits our environment with lower carbon emissions. Added comfort, money saved and improved environment combine to make improving home performance a wise investment.

Your Home as a System

Even the most modest home can be quite complex, with heating and cooling, insulation, ventilation, attics, crawlspaces, occupants, climate, appliances and utilities all interacting. Even variations in location, say Oak Ridge or Stokesdale, can affect home performance. Differences in rainfall or soil composition, high water tables, altitude and trees can all affect how a home works.

All these pieces of the home interact and create an indoor living environment. Much like your automobile requires attention and maintenance to get the best miles per gallon, homes need periodic assessments to ensure all their systems are providing optimal performance, comfort and money savings.

Energy Audit: The First Step to an Efficient Home

Energy Reduction Specialists of NC begin the process of diagnosising and improving your home with a comprehensive energy assessment, also called an energy audit.  From roofline to crawlspace, the energy assessment helps us to pinpoint where air leakage could be draining energy dollars and stealing comfort. Many homeowners don’t realize that when all the gaps, cracks and holes in the average home exterior shell are added up, the air leakage is like leaving a window open all day, every day.

We use several tools to perform an energy audit. A calibrated blower door test will measure how much air leakage is occurring in the building envelope. While the blower door appliance is running, our technician will use infrared thermal imaging to detect differences in hot and cold inside the home. These infrared “hot” areas will show where air is leaking in the building shell.

Helping You Make Smart Home Energy Upgrades

Once the energy audit is completed and our specialist has inspected the home for problem areas, we can review the next steps to improve home performance, efficiency and comfort. Energy Reduction Specialists of NC will help you to prioritize the steps to improve home efficiency and comfort, and save money!

Energy Reduction Specialists is contractor with the North Carolina Home Performance with Energy Star program to certify the work performed to improve your home’s value and provide a comprehensive approach to improving your home performance.

We know our customers have lots of questions about home performance and how Energy Reduction Specialists of NC can make it happen. We’ve developed a list of common questions and answers to educate you about how we help customers from Greensboro and Raleigh to High Point and Kernersville.

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