Home performance is a science-based approach to assessing your home as a system to make strategic upgrades that improve building comfort, energy efficiency, and health. Improving your home’s performance offers both short- and long-term benefits. An efficient home is more comfortable, warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer, and is healthier, by reducing the amount of dirty air that enters your home through cracks in the crawlspace and attic. According to ENERGY STAR, improving your home’s performance provides an almost immediate return with as much as 20% savings on energy costs. Over time, that 20% adds up to big money savings. Reducing your energy usage not only helps your wallet but helps the environment by reducing greenhouse gas emissions and your carbon footprint. Added comfort, money saved, and improved environment combine to make improving your home’s performance a wise investment.


At Energy Reduction Specialists of NC, we assess your home by how it performs as a whole rather than each individual piece. All parts of a building—heating and cooling, insulation, crawlspaces and basements, attics, and appliances—interact and work together in a complex system, much like the human body, and our home performance specialists are the doctors for your home. We check every part of the home, just as a doctor checks all your vital signs, before giving a final diagnosis. As the saying goes in the medical field, “prescription without diagnosis is malpractice,” and we apply that same principle to assessing your home. We must take all your home’s vital signs to diagnose the problem areas, so we can prescribe the best solution for improving your home.


Energy Reduction Specialists of NC begin the process of diagnosing and improving your home with a comprehensive energy assessment, also called an energy audit.  From roofline to crawlspace, the energy assessment helps us to mainly identify points of air leakage, as well as other problems like missing insulation, water damage, and poor indoor air quality, so we can pinpoint the biggest problem areas in your home. Many homeowners don’t realize all the tiny gaps and holes around windows, doors, chimneys, plumbing and electrical fixtures, and many others add up to air leakage that is equivalent to leaving a window open 24/7!


Once the energy audit is complete and our specialist has inspected the home for problem areas, we can review the next steps to improve home performance, energy efficiency, and comfort. Energy Reduction Specialists of NC will help you to prioritize the steps to improve your home’s efficiency and comfort and save you money!

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Gas and electric bills much lower, overall comfort of my home wonderful. Every morning when I get out of bed, I am delighted with the comfort of my home. I turn my furnace down to 60 at night, and through the day I keep it between 66 and 68. I no longer have some rooms that are comfortable while others are too chilly. So nice!
Happy Client