After air sealing is completed, it is then time to insulate. Insulation in a home acts much like sleeping with a heavy blanket after being tucked in bed. After air paths are sealed insulation keeps you comfortable.

Attic Insulation

This is the most critical place to insulate. Building science experts agree that the greatest benefit to comfort and energy efficiency happens here. North Carolina building code specifies R-38 for all new construction which is typically 15”-16” of loose fill fiberglass blown on top of the ceiling.  We can bring you up to code.

Floor Insulation

While the benefit of floor insulation is not as significant as attic insulation, comfort and energy efficiency are realized when thorough, skillful installation is performed.  R-19 “batt” insulation is the typical way to insulate floors and is code compliant. This method is effective but is not the only option. Insulating the foundation walls as a component of a closed crawlspace is another excellent choice.

Wall Insulation

Insulating exterior walls, while difficult, is a job ERS has experience performing. Interior wallboard and exterior siding or brick make accessing each wall cavity challenging. While our approach toward improving energy efficiency is to look toward less invasive opportunities for improvement, sometimes installing dense pack insulation in walls is the right choice for a home.

Attic Kneewalls

Side attic spaces, found in many homes and very common to bonus rooms have short walls that have exposed insulation on their back sides. This insulation becomes compromised by the unconditioned air from the attic and negatively impacts the living space on the other side. Our skilled crew will air seal the kneewall, repair the wall insulation and install a rigid insulation board on the back side of these walls. The result is a much more comfortable interior room.

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We had a great experience with Energy Reduction Specialists! I respect and appreciate their expertise and professionalism. They were patient in answering my questions and skepticism and did the job right the first time. My house is noticeably comfortable and look forward to the better comfort this summer when the A/C is on.

Paul S., Greensboro