An Energy Assessment or Home Energy Audit, is a comprehensive home examination. It is a critical first step on the path to improved building comfort, health, safety, durability, indoor air quality and energy efficiency. Our assessment includes observing and analyzing a home’s air leakage, duct systems, insulation levels, moisture issues, and combustion appliance safety. We do this with the aid of state of the art diagnostics including infrared imaging and blower door testing. In addition to the technology, our most valuable tool is our understanding of building science gained through years of experience inspecting and fixing homes. Our assessment report includes a recommended strategy to target and repair those areas of greatest need and greatest opportunity for benefit. The end result is, that after skillful execution of the strategy outlined in the plan, your family will be living in a home that is cozier, healthier, and more affordable to live in.

Diagnostic Testing

We use several tools during an energy audit to quantify and identify specific problems your home is experiencing. One of our key tools is the blower door, which quantifies the average amount of air leakage your home is experiencing. We also use the blower door upon completion of making improvements on your home to ensure our work improved your home's efficiency. Another key tool is infrared thermal imaging, which shows hot and cold points in your home. This allows us to pinpoint the exact location that air is leaking and improve your home in the best way possible. Other tools we may use during an energy audit are a pressure pan to test the effectiveness of your exhaust fans, and a gas sniffer and carbon monoxide detector to ensure your home is healthy and safe. All these tools in combination with our expertise of building science allows us to improve your home's efficiency and comfort in the best way possible.

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Last Spring, after you finished weatherizing our home, we already felt that the house was tighter and more comfortable. Now that we have had some really cold weather we appreciate the job you did even more. You eliminated the chilling drafts we always experienced in fall and winter ever since we bought our home six years ago. Our home is now snug and comfortable. Also, we have begun getting rebates from reduced energy usage. Saving a lot of money and being much more comfortable--you can't beat that! I believe we saved in excess of $600 this...

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Signe and Bob F., Greensboro