Nearly every home owner we have performed an energy assessment for could pin point where they felt drafts in their home.  A house is a vessel with a certain volume of air.  Conditioned air is always leaving your home through gaps, cracks, and holes and being replaced by outside air.  The costliest source of air leaks, both in the winter and the summer, is between the attic and the inside of the home.  

We know the best first step to improve comfort and energy efficiency is to take the time to go through the attic thoroughly to find all the gaps, cracks, and holes and seal them.  In addition to small holes we seal with spray foam, often there are large openings over lowered ceilings above kitchen cabinets or showers that need to first be covered with rigid board and then sealed.  

Recessed can lights are a very significant source of air loss in the winter and heat gain in the summer.  Covering these cans with insulated and sealed covers is a critical step toward air sealing a home.  

Many attic access doors and pull down stairs are not properly sealed or insulated and can be improved.  Windows and doors are designed to open and close and the require more skill to seal effectively.  

Holes in between the living area and the crawlspace should be sealed to block unhealthy air coming into the home.   

We use the blower door equipment before and after air sealing to measure, guide, and check the quality of our work.  

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Energy Reduction Specialists just finished working on our 85 year old home. We can feel the difference already. The crew did a fantastic job. They were always on time, very respectful and efficient. I was surprised and impressed on several occasions. This is going to make a real difference in the efficiency of our home.

Al C., Greensboro