Evaluating your home’s energy efficiency will identify areas where improving or upgrading home energy systems will make a difference in comfort and energy costs. Energy Reduction Specialists of NC will evaluate your home energy audit and identify areas that will provide the most benefit. We recommend completing air sealing and insulation improvements prior to energy upgrades so that your energy dollars are wisely used. Some areas that may require an upgrade include ductwork, ventilation, and HVAC systems, which can include the furnace, air conditioning, heat pumps and more.

Ductwork & Ventilation

With improved sealing and tightness, your home’s ductwork and ventilation becomes more essential in enhancing home energy efficiency. Specific testing will show where leaks and gaps are in the ductwork, including the air handler and air returns. Ventilation in most homes is handled with bathroom and kitchen exhaust fans. These ventilation fans are tested to ensure proper air flow.

Improved Efficiency in Heating & Cooling

As part of home energy efficiency audits, Energy Reduction Specialists of NC will review the possible replacement of heating and cooling systems, including furnaces, air conditioning units and heat pumps. If such an upgrade is necessary, we can work with the HVAC contractor to ensure that the replacement achieves the best possible efficiency.

Harvesting Solar Energy Options

Many homeowners are considering adding solar panels to their homes as federal tax incentives, lower panel costs and increased power make solar appealing. To maximize solar upgrades, it is important to make sure your home is as efficient as possible. Once your home is maximizing its energy use, the solar array can be sized to meet your revised energy needs.

Rebates Provide Additional Incentives

Currently, there are tax incentives and rebate programs for specific energy efficient upgrades available in Greensboro, Durham and surrounding areas.

Drop us a line and we can help identify the best energy upgrade incentives for you (we’ll even help with the paperwork)!

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Energy Reduction Specialists just finished working on our 85 year old home. We can feel the difference already. The crew did a fantastic job. They were always on time, very respectful and efficient. I was surprised and impressed on several occasions. This is going to make a real difference in the efficiency of our home.

Al C., Greensboro