Typically, the greatest opportunity for improvements to comfort and energy efficiency can be found in the attic. Building science emphasizes that air sealing and insulating attics is the most effective way to make significant improvement toward a cozier more affordable home. Our thorough attic inspections include…

  • Examining for air paths between living spaces and the attic

  • Finding thermal bypasses or open wall cavities

  • Examining side attic knee wall spaces

  • Examining leaks in the ductwork, duct insulation, and overall condition

  • Examining HVAC equipment

  • Measuring Insulation levels

  • Looking for roof leaks

  • Looking for rodent infestation

  • Examining for bonus room comfort improvements

Often homeowners believe their issues are due to low insulation levels, when the better solutions begin with air sealing and duct sealing.  Adding insulation without addressing flaws in the building envelope is a waste of money.

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Gary and his team were great.  Gary took the time to explain all aspects to us and provided multiple options for improvement.  He did not pressure us on any of the recommendations and, when we decided what to have done, was able to schedule his team quickly.  The team was respectful of our time and space, and clearly took the time to do the work well.  We noticed a difference in the comfort in our home after the first day, and look forward to the long-term payoff we expect to see.  I would recommend Gary and his team to anyone looking to...

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Melissa A., Greensboro