The health and safety of our customers is of utmost importance.  With the prevalence of allergies and asthma it is important that your home has clean healthy air for your family to breathe.   Often, repairs to the building envelope and sealing leaky ducts help to improve the air you breathe.   

The health and quality of indoor air is complex and there are numerous factors we consider, such as:

Moisture – increased humidity and moisture contribute to mold, mildew, dust mites, condensation, and often comfort issues.  ((See Moisture Issues))

Mold – when humidity stays over 60% mold can grow.  Mold can be very harmful to your health and is considered a neurotoxin.  

Asthma triggers – mold, dust mites, pet dander, cigarette smoke, and cockroaches all can cause asthma attacks.   

Allergies – leaky homes are more connected to the outside air which is full of pollen in the spring and can contribute to increased suffering for some people.  Many homeowners have reported reduced allergy symptoms after our work has been completed.

Carbon Monoxide- Any appliance that burns gas, oil, or wood generates some amount of carbon monoxide.  Having a CO detector installed is critical for an emergency to save your life.  But, even low levels of CO can cause severe medical problems often experienced as flu-like symptoms.   We test furnaces, water heaters, and gas ovens to be sure they are not introducing unhealthy levels of CO into your home.  

Gas logs – there are several different types of gas logs.  Some cause efficiency problems, some cause indoor air quality issues, and we help you make the best decision for your health, safety, and comfort.

Asbestos - Many older homes have building materials that contain asbestos.  Our training helps us to identify which materials may contain asbestos and to know how to keep our customers and our employees safe.  

Lead Paint – ERS of NC is a certified Lead Renovation Firm in North Carolina.  Homes built prior to 1978 may contain lead based paint and windows and doors are primary sources of lead exposure.  

Radon – this radioactive soil gas is a carcinogen and according to the American Cancer Society, is the second leading cause of lung cancer in the US.  With our expertise we can address radon issues in your home.

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We had Gary's team led by Paul Swenson improve the insulation and reduce the air losses at our 20 year old home.  The team was very professional, did a great job, and left things cleaner than they found them.  My wife wants them to come back again.  The house feels more comfortable, and even during the last major cold spell when the temperature fell to below 10 degrees, the house felt comfortable and the heating had no problem keeping up.  Even the bonus room, which is known as a cold spot in most homes, is pleasant to use as my office.  I...

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Sam M., Greensboro