Testimonial from Diane H., Greensboro

The assessment in February, 2012, was accomplished seamlessly. When it came time to complete the work, Gary and his men were on time, ready to work, diligent, and tireless in applying their expertise, skill, and capabilities... The men who pumped in the insulation and laid the vapor barrier in the crawl space were in and out and cleaned up after themselves. The configuration concocted to enclose my drafty attic access was accomplished with great precision, down to an eighth of an inch.... They left no stone unturned in completing their to-do list, and threw in a few extra touches because they are professionals and because they cared about the job. I have had work done in my home in the past, but this crew, with their dedication, commitment, and thoroughness, was second-to-none.  As for my "new" home: It's much less breezy! I feel tight and snug. My thermostat sits on 60 while I am gone and 62 when I am here, and, with a sweater, I am comfortable. I appreciate the recommendations regarding floor insulation and insulation for the heating/air conditioning ducts and, hopefully, at some point, can follow up on that. I feel fortunate to have the opportunity to improve my home, and am grateful and proud of its face-lift.